Our PTA is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and feel free to ask them if you have questions.


Interested in open chair positions? Contact us!

Executive Board

Principal Kristi Graham kristi.graham@pisd.edu
Administrative Intern Karen Williams karen.williams@pisd.edu
Teacher - Kindergarten Sarah Manthey sarah.manthey@pisd.edu
Teacher - ESL Nina Tabanian nina.tabanian@pisd.edu
Paraprofessional Staff Jennifer Burton jennifer.burton@pisd.edu
President Rosey Perez president@hedgcoxepta.orgroseydperez@gmail.com
VP Membership Angelina Rosser membership@hedgcoxepta.organgelinarosser@gmail.com
VP Ways & Means Morgan Elkins waysandmeans@hedgcoxepta.orgmorganlelkins@gmail.com
VP Programs Katy Burnside programs@hedgcoxepra.orgkburnside@gmail.com
 VP of Arts in Education  Lori Ruml artsineducation@hedgcoxepta.org, artist@the-art-experience.com 
 Secretary  Alicia Wanek secretary@hedgcoxepta.orgalicia.wanek@outlook.com 
Treasurer Kelle Rawlings treasurer@hedgcoxepta.orgkelle.rawlings@farmereg.com
 Parliamentarian  Golden LeBlanc parliamentarian@hedgcoxepta.org, golden.leblanc@gmail.com 
 Historian  OPEN  
At Large Keri Lawrence atlarge@hedgcoxepta.orgkerilawrence4@yahoo.com
 At Large #2 Sarah Payne atlarge@hedgcoxepta.orgsarah@eyeopenphoto.com
At Large #3 Brandi Todd atlarge@hedgcoxepta.orgbranditoddpta@gmail.com


Committee Chairs

After School Programs OPEN  
Art Adventure Lori Ruml artist@the-art-experience.com
 Awards  Shirley Walker awards@hedgcoxepta.org, shirley@toodles.net  
Book Fair Sarah Payne bookfair@hedgcoxepta.orgsarah@eyeopenphoto.com
Carnival Stacie Markley carnival@hedgcoxepta.orgsmarkley76@yahoo.com
Family Picnic OPEN  
Family Spirit Night Monica Pilcher restaurantnight@hedgcoxepta.orgmonicapilcher1984@gmail.com
 Council Delegate  Shirley Walker councildelegate@hedgcoxepta.orgshirley@toodles.net 
 Corporate Partners  Gina Henry corporatepartners@hedgcoxepta.orgginahenry4@yahoo.com 
Cultural Diversity OPEN  
Dad's Club OPEN  
Family Art Night Lori Ruml familyartnight@hedgcoxepta.orgartist@the-art-experience.com 
Family Week Chelle Barker familyweek@hedgcoxepta.orgchellebarker@hotmail.com
Golf Tournament Stacie Markley golf@hedgcoxepta.orgsmarkley76@yahoo.com
Hedgcoxe Chess Brian Rosser chess@hedgcoxepta.orgbrianrosser@gmail.com
Hospitality Admin Katy Burnside hospitality_admin@hedgcoxepta.orgkburnside@gmail.com
Hospitality PTA Katy Burnside hospitalitypta@hedgcoxepta.orgkburnside@gmail.com 
Legislative OPEN  
Library Coordinator Gloria L'Roy library@hedgcoxepta.orggrlhome@hotmail.com 
Newcomers Cathleen Tiscareno newcomers@hedgcoxepta.orgctiscareno06@gmail.com
Newsletter OPEN  
Office Coordinator Angelina Rosser office@hedgcoxepta.organgelinarosser@gmail.com
Reflections Lori Ruml reflections@hedgcoxepta.orgartsineducation@hedgcoxepta.org 
Room Representative Cathleen Tiscareno roomrep@hedgcoxepta.orgctiscareno06@gmail.com
SAGE Shanette Brown sage@hedgcoxepta.orgshanettel.sb@gmail.com 
School Supplies Keri Lawrence schoolsupplies@hedgcoxepta.orgkerilawrence4@yahoo.com
Science Adventure OPEN  
Silent Auction Morgan Elkins silentauction@hedgcoxepta.org, morganlelkins@gmail.com 
Spirit Wear Heather Blachly spiritwear@hedgcoxepta.orghoobrien@hotmail.com
Sunshine Sarah Johnson sunshine@hedgcoxepta.orgssj_00@yahoo.com 
Staff Appreciation OPEN staffappreciation@hedgcoxepta.org
Volunteer Coordinator Angelina Rosser volunteers@hedgcoxepta.organgelinarosser@gmail.com 
Watch D.O.G.S. Lance Burton lancewburton4@gmail.com
Website Manager Chelsey Ray/Leah Justice webmaster@hedgcoxepta.orgchelseyray@gmail.com / tljustice@gmail.com
Workroom Coordinator Robin Pennington workroomcoord@hedgcoxepta.org
Youth Protection OPEN youthprotection@hedgcoxepta.org





Hedgcoxe PTA 2017-18 
Golden Apple Award!!
2017-18 Golden Apple Award
Hedgcoxe PTA 2017-18 
Membership Award!!
Everyone benefits when you support students!
A huge shout out to everyone who joined the PTA this school year! 
Help us meet our PTA membership numbers from last year!
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Grandparents, alumni, and businesses are welcome to become PTA members.
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